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A lot more than simply green leaves

After Barcelona being declared the first “veg-friendly” city in the world, we feel even more committed to continue working every day to be better and to promote great vegan food. Since opening in 2011 we have defined ourselves as a restaurant serving 100% vegan food, with a great variety of ingredients and flavours.

Our inspiration comes from a blend of cultures, mainly from Nepal, the surrounding countries and Mediterranean cuisine, where our chef Ramesh Prasad Niraula and his team invite customers to experience their tasty and nutritional vegan dishes. Tasty creations that are unlike what is on offer in most conventional vegan restaurants. Add to this our trademark friendly service, inspiring interiors, and the many positive regular customers, and you have a place that makes eating healthy both an enjoyable, but also a very affordable, experience.

100% VEGAN




Say good riddance to industrial food

Veggie Garden is a 100% vegan restaurant ideal not only for strict vegans and vegetarians, but also for anyone who want’s a healthy diet without compromising on taste. Our dishes are pocket friendly priced fitting any budget and its their nutritional value is without comparison, making them a much healthier alternative to any of the mechanized fast food sadly common nowadays.

The veggie Garden formula is a mix of Nepali and European gastronomy. Nepali dishes are born of the local soil and climate and the influence of surrounding countries, Tibet, India, and Thailand. Blended with the variety of European food cultures, you have an interesting palette of textures and flavours to work with. As Nepal also has a long and rich vegan tradition, characterized by deep nutritional insight and knowledge of ingredients, our team at Vegan Garden benefits greatly from being Nepali-European, as we combine our inspirations to bring you the best vegan experience we can.

Recharge, detox and… enjoy!

Veggie Garden merges ingredients and inspiration from around the world to serve scrumptious and finger-licking good salads, vegetarian sandwiches, burgers, curries and an impressive variety of juices, smoothies and vegan cocktails, which will recharge you, detoxify you, and flirt with your taste buds.. In short, Veggie Garden helps you eat healthy without taking the spice out of life! But don’t just take it from us, experience it for yourself.

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