Why veganism?

Most important reasons to be a vegan

Veganism is a philosophy and a lifestyle in which, for a variety of reasons (cultural, ethical, ecological, nutritional, etc.), excludes any product derived from the exploitation of animals. That is to say, not only is an abandonment of products such as meat, fish, eggs, cheeses, honey, etc. (in which case we would be talking about a vegetarian diet), but also the denial to wear clothes or accessories that might contain tissues of animal origin (leather, wool, silk, etc.) or consume products that have been tested on animals such as cosmetics, medicines, among others.

1. For your wellbeing

Enjoying a healthy diet helps to prevent and wrestle diseases such as cancer, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, many diseases related to excessive consumption of animal foods. With a diet free of products of animal origin, well balanced, you can find all the nutrients your body needs for your day to day, with the exception of vitamin B12 which will need to be supplemented.

2. For our mother earth

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest and jungle are deforested to give food to animals that will later be intended to serve as food for people. Studies show the intimate relationship between the industrial production of meat products and global warming, which is so far, one of the greatest threats to the planet.

3. For our animals

Currently, due to industrial livestock, animals have been treated as simple objects, being crowded into spaces where they can barely move, in totally heartless conditions, subjecting them to unthinkable suffering during their short life until they are taken to the slaughterhouses.

4. Actually vegan food is scrumptious and finger-licking good!

It is a falsehood that vegetarians only eat lettuce! The multiplicity of products of vegetable origin that nature provides us with is so extensive that we will always have a huge variety of delicious, colorful and healthy ingredients with which we can prepare delicious dishes that will fill us with energy and good health.

5. Because it is the wisest choice.

All the way through the history of mankind there have been diverse cultures who have adopted a free lifestyle or practically free of products of animal origin, those people of these cultures are characterized by being especially healthy and long-lived in comparison to the rest. Therefore, it is an entirely false belief that we need to consume products of animal origin in our daily lives to cover all our nutritional needs, subsequently, why do we have to snatch the life of sentient beings or subject them to unnecessary suffering in order to live?

We invite you to live a happy, healthy and harmonious style of life, free of suffering!

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