Reservation Terms & Conditions

1. We only accept online reservations for 2-10 guests per reservation. Should you wish, we can change your reservation from one of our restaurants to another, according to availability. We will guarantee a table from 2 to 3 people, but it will not be booked in our system, so we will need a few minutes when you arrive.

2. Your online reservation must be submitted no later than 6 hours before you wish to arrive. You will be sent confirmation within restaurant opening hours, which are published on our website.

3. We shall need the exact number of people you are reserving for. In case you want to change the number of people, we need a confirmation call or email latest 6 hour before your arrival.

4. All your personal data as our customer (name, telephone number, email) will be protected according to Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD).

5. If we need to contact you by telephone or email, to organize or improve your reservation or acquire additional information, we shall contact you during our opening hours. In doing so we are not subject to any obligations or possible reclamations by you.

6. All reservations must be made during our opening hours. Reservations made outside this time period are not accepted.

7. You can always reserve a table for lunch or dinner between 12.30h to 22.30. Late arrivals of more than 15 minutes without notifying the restaurant in advance, will be considered a cancellation of the reservation. This does not warrant any reclamation on your part.

8. Guests arriving early for a reservation can occupy the table after the previous guests have left the table and all confirmed people for the reservation have arrived.

9. For any group reservation for more then 8 people we recommend you contact our staff to ensure you receive the best possible service from us.

10. Veggie Garden is pet friendly but guests should inform us on advance to organize the reservation.

11. Any product bring by the customer with mixed of animal products, even if it is vegetarian (including baby food) are not accepted in Veggie Garden.

12. Celebration things like birthday cakes… should be vegan.

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